iphone prices in singapore

What is a guaranteed refurbished used?

Our smartphones are completely restored and, only after scrupulous and targeted tests of excellent functioning, are they put on sale at a decidedly competitive price compared to the costs of a new phone iphone prices in singapore.

Advantages: economical, safe and ecological!

savings of up to 40% compared to a new product

if you are not interested in having the latest model you can find those of previous series no longer on the market and in this case you can save even more!

savings on price but not on quality : in the case of grade A + (TOP) you will not be able to distinguish it from a new one, thanks to the perfection and attention to detail during the regeneration process.

from an environmental point of view it means reducing the amount of waste and recovering objects that are still functional and usable.

Refurbished used GRADE A

Our Grade A smartphones are fully functional but with few aesthetic defects on the body and / or slight scratches on the screen, visible against the light or with the screen off; but nothing that can prevent the total functioning of the smartphone. Most phones in this category are shipped in compatible boxes complete with NEW and ORIGINAL accessories with the exception of the earphones.

Refurbished used GRADE B

Our Grade B smartphones are offered at a super discounted price. Operation is 100% guaranteed in every part, but they have some aesthetic defects on the body and on the glass. Most phones in this category are shipped in compatible boxes complete with NEW compatible accessories except earphones.

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