egf hydrating cream

EGF skincare Singapore for gorgeous skin

Skincare routines have been an emerging trend in recent times. Millions of skincare routines and suggestions are made by people all over the internet.EGF is the abbreviation of epidermal growth factor. The EGF serum is used on the skin for enhancing the texture and toning of our skin.egf skincare singapore provides us with products for flawless youthful skin.

How does EGF work?

The EGF skin care Singapore mostly includes serums, masks, and creams. The product improves the production of collagen and elastin, which are proteins present in our skin responsible for the strength, fixation, and elasticity of our skin. The serum enhances the production of fibroblast cells for the production of skin proteins. Hence, the proteins will help in tightening and thickening of skin curing wrinkles and marks.

Contents used in EGF:

The most commonly used ingredients are

  • Water for consistency.
  • Glycerine for hydration of the skin, it helps in retaining moisture, reducing dryness, and provides us with smooth skin. However, it is also believed that glycerine helps in skin whitening.
  • Sodium hyaluronatehelps in avoiding water loss from the skin layers which helps in wrinkle reduction.
  • The Seed extract is generally used in bioeffect products or plant-based products. People usually go for barley extract.

EGF fastens the process of regeneration of cells to provide youthful skin. It also helps the skin absorb moisture faster to maintain the smoothness and softness of the skin. It inhibits the formation of melanin which reduces acne spots and hyperpigmentation. The product is known to be side effects free, however, it may affect people with sensitive skin causing allergies or rash.