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Different Types Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring One Can Use To Make Their House Heaven

Luxury vinyl flooring is the material that is becoming popular day by day among people. In most new houses, the work of vinyl tiles can be seen. It is getting increasingly popular because of its benefits to the user. The material is economical, looks fantastic, is available in tons of designs and patterns, is damage-resistant, and is easy to clean. The flooring material is perfect for houses as it combines strength and beauty side by side. There are several types of vinyl floorings available which the customer can choose as per their wish and choice. In this article, we will tell you about the types of Vinyl to help you differentiate between three of them without any hassle.

  1. LVP or Luxury Vinyl Planks

It is the type of material consisting of long, narrow planks designed with the effect of wooden flooring. These planks are thicker and are more rigid. They are also very durable and scratch-resistant. Mainly, the LVP is composed of thick PVC with a designing layer on top to give it an authentic wooden plank look. An additional scratch-proof layer can be added to these planks to make them more durable.

  1. LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tiles 

The luxury vinyl tiles are prepared in the same manner as LVP, but the design mimics stone, ceramic, porcelain, and marbles. These are the thick vinyl layer that makes them a durable flooring option. The designs on these tiles are very realistic and look like stone or marble tiles. The main reason why people like LVT is because they are easy to install and are very economical.

  1. Sheet Vinyl 

Sheet vinyl materials are a popular flooring option as they possess waterproofing properties. The sheets are very budget-friendly, and they are the best option for the one who wants that aesthetic look in their house. The material is softer than other vinyl; due to this reason, it is very scratch resistant.


These were the three types of vinyl floorings. If you want to have these floorings at your home, you can search for luxury vinyl flooring in Valencia, PA. There are several options available, select one, and you can have a luxurious style apartment or home.

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