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Plastic & Acrylic Producing Service

Our experience in the food and beverage, OEM aftermarket, chemical processing, and display industries reveals that we offer a wide range of plastic acrylic counter manufacturing capabilities.

An important aspect to consider when manufacturing plastics for the food and beverage industry is to determine which plastics are food safe and can meet all of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements of Singapore. With a long history in the manufacture of acrylic singapore plastic parts, it is possible to understand plastics suitable for specific functions such as high-temperature resistance and chemical resistance in the food and beverage industry.

The production of OEM spare parts is a successful combination of design and function of the plastic parts produced. We have different computers and people who can help you every step of the way. We have the expertise required in the industry to produce high-quality, stable parts, from prototype design and testing to final production.

In the chemical processing industry, we know that plastics have value. It can be manufactured to meet all the requirements of the plastics industry, especially chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, heat resistance.

Until now, local and national customers believed in manufacturing sign and display stands for a variety of uses, including acrylic and PETG displays, store accessories, sign/booklet stands. , etc. In addition to the exhibition space, we also produced glass cabinets and museum boxes, as well as safety guards for the bubble-free PS30 seals of the ship’s windshield frame.

Whether you need mass-produced plastic parts or custom plastic parts, We have the expertise and machinery you need to produce the products you need.

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