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Oh Clean… Be A Fairy Queen!

We all take that extra effort to stay clean, hygienic and fresh for the day. We go that extra mile to take off tough stains from our clothing so that it doesn’t make that bad impression as first impression. But in some cases no matter how we rub, scrub and dunk in the tub some tough stains are just terribly difficult to get rid of.

In cases where it is your lucky shirt, or your favorite blanket, we go the dry cleaners. Yes even when we want to be stingy sometimes dry cleaners are the only go, where using special machines and methods for washing they treat the fabric with special attention. And mostly the fabric is treated with the love and respect that it deserves.

Why these services are best?

Dry cleaning takes a few days or few hours depending on the fabric and when it’s given. Off course for quality services comes with a price tag as well. It is a business service, but one thing to note is that the feel of fresh dry cleaned clothes is a whole new sense of hygiene.

When to think Singapore dry cleaning, think Big Mama dry cleaning that provides convenience, affordability, time saving amenities. Their website provide cost efficient prices for specific fabric pieces such as coats, shirts- long and short, sweater, cardigans, blouses, bottoms, bedding, one pieces and more. Despite offering only dry cleaning services, they also offer alterations, bag cleaning, curtain cleaning and much more. They are equipped with modern dry clean technology as well as environment friendly solvents that enhance the dry cleaning process.

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