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How to use the oven and it’s the importance

The oven is equipment that serves to heat or dry.  Usually used to dry laboratory glassware, chemical substances and organic solvents.  It can also be used to measure water content.  The lab oven Singapore temperature is lower than the furnace temperature, which is around 105ºC.  Not all glassware can be dried in the oven, only glassware with certain specifications can be dried, namely glassware with low accuracy.  Meanwhile, glassware with high precision cannot be oven-dried.  If the glass utensil with high accuracy is inserted into the oven, then the glass utensil will expand and result in less accurate accuracy.  Usually, a desiccator is used to dry it.

Using the oven is relatively easy.  But before that, it is necessary to know the function of some of the buttons on the oven.  The POWER button is the button used to turn the oven on or off.  In addition, there is a button to turn on or turn off the fan.  The blue knob is used to increase and decrease the fan rotation speed.  On the front of the oven, 2 screens show the temperature.  The PV display shows the temperature of the appliance while the SV display shows the desired temperature.  The SET, UP (up arrow) and DOWN (down arrow) buttons are used to set the desired temperature.  Can also set the time.

 In the use of the oven, after the oven door is opened, the tool to be dried is inserted into the oven and the door is closed again.  After that, the POWER button is pressed, the fan is turned on and the fan speed is also set.  Then set the temperature by pressing the SET button.  The SV screen will show the desired temperature.  Wait until the PV screen shows almost the same temperature as the SV screen.  Then the oven is turned off by pressing the POWER button.  Remove the appliance from the oven.

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