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Things need to know about Teen vaping

E-cigarettes are been around here for more than a decades. Rates of vaping has been skyrocketed in current years, especially among teens. E-cigarettes are the most frequently used product of tobacco among adolescents. Around 2.1 million high and middle school students are using e-cigarettes in 2017 which is surpassing the traditional combustible cigarettes.

There are many vape device which is coming in fun flavors and is looking like a flash drive and will be charged with a USB port. This is delivering high levels of nicotine which is making it extremely addictive. The company is making and marketing more than half of e-cigarette.

The FDA is cracking down on the illegal sales of e-cigarettes to minors and also the kid-friendly marketing and appeal of these products. The use of electronic cigarettes among the youth has reached an epidemic proportion. After the recent death and unexplained illness which have been attributed to vape consumption. American Medical Associations has associated several unexplained deaths and illnesses with vaping.

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Overview of vaping:

It is the process of intake and exhaling the vapor created by heating nicotine liquid, also referred to as juice, using a vape pen or electronic cigarette, or a personal vaporizer. It is also referred to as JUULing. It was earlier introduced as a cessation aid for smoking and has become quite addictive and popular on its own.

Risks of vaping include: 

  • There is a high nicotine content in e-cigarettes equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.
  • Vaping is severely addictive and addiction is more common amongst teens.
  • Vape addiction can harm the user’s focus. Initially, there is an increase in attention and alertness but with time the attention and focus decrease considerably.
  • There are carcinogenic compounds present in vaping products.
  • Vaping is known to irritate the lungs and cause irreparable damage to vital immune system cells.
  • Vaping can cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate which can lead to increased chances of circulatory issues.

Because there is no obvious odor in e-cigarettes, it is easy to hide and can be used discreetly even in public places.

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