safe management measures


The term “SMM” (safe management measures) was coined by the MOM (Ministry of Manpower) of the City-State of Singapore. What Singapore innovates today, the world follows tomorrow. SMM is a typical example. The MOM jointly introduced its Advisory on SMM with the Singapore National Employers Federation and the National Trade Union Congress on the 9th May, 2020. This was followed by the updating of the Requirements for SMM at the workplace on the 23rd of September, 2020, and announced on 22nd October 2020. SMM had arrived on the world stage.

The Pandemic

The terrifying spread of Covid19 all over the Planet has created a situation of increasing danger for all. Working men and women in workplaces, shipyards, construction sites and so on, are all at grave risk. This Pandemic has forced the hand of even liberal Authorities everywhere, and Singapore is no exception.


Various Agencies have collaborated in enforcing the requirements of the measures in force all over working Singapore. Errant Employers are punished with stop-work measures, and heavy financial penalties, to enforce the updated requirements.


Some main Requirements for safe management measures are:

  • The objective is to actively enable employees to work from home, wherever possible.
  • Even healthy workers can now spend only 3 out of the total six working days at the worksite or office.
  • Balance 3 days must be work-at-home only.
  • Any work or training done outside the workplace will be considered as time spent at the workplace only.

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