signal booster


The Booster works by picking up signals that are too weak to be picked up by regular cell phones. The weakness of the signal may vary with time, depending on the network traffic, but also on certain exterior factors like the distance of the Carrier’s Transmission towers, the layout of the terrain and the human habitats which can obstruct or even absorb the signals etc. These low signals are detected and picked up by a Special Antenna which can also act as a transmitter of the User’s voice. Signal is sent to the Booster box. The Booster box contains both a Power Amplifier and a Signal Conditioner Circuit. The conditioned amplified signal is then sent to the second antenna which passes on the final signal to the mobile cell phone itself. Special materials are used, as Radiation Shields, to protect from external noise, and also to prevent distortion of the signal. Innovative Heat Sync materials ensure that the electronic components do not themselves cause internal distortion, and adds to the overall stability and durability of the Cell Signal Booster.

Installation signal booster

 The first Antenna is an Outdoor Antenna, which needs to be specially mounted on a high location to best receive the incoming signal. This is generally mounted on a roof top or terrace and needs to face the nearest Booster tower. Since the Booster Box is installed inside the house or office, the signal is sent from the Antenna to the Booster box through a coaxial cable. The Booster box has a complex solid-state electronic circuit which corrects any waveform defects in the signal and then boosts the power through an active Power Amplifier Circuit. The conditioned amplified signal is then sent to the Second Antenna, which is mounted indoors, to finally transmit the signal to the User’s cell phone.


Some of the finest makes available are based on French technology, such as, 2G-GSM, CDMA, 3G and 4G. SEGURO is one of the world’s best manufacturers of the Cell Signal Booster as is LINTRATEK. Wilson makes a fine series of Boosters, and weBoost Home Multiroom Booster can send signals right across the home through all the rooms, when used with the Wilson Electronics Pole Mount for Outside Antenna. The 4G LTE Data is an amazing Booster that can cover up-to 2500 sqft in area. Some other makes include ATT, HiBoost 4K Smart Link, SureCall Flare and Verizon.

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