The mandatory use of masks is not the only reason why you should know the different models that exist on the market. Think ahead: now it is an obligation but it is very likely that for a long time it will continue to be one of the most widespread protection recommendations until the appearance of a vaccine that puts an end to the Corona problem.Are all masks the same? Definitely not. Each one has its characteristics, its effectiveness time and its level of protection.In this article we are going to talk about different types of masks that are available for you to use. Click here for Funny Facemasks.

Using homemade masks

Its degree of effectiveness will depend on the type of fabric used or the number of layers. However, the protection against contagion has not been demonstrated, only the effectiveness to contain to a certain extent the particles that come off our mouth. They can be washed and reused. Visit this site for Football Face Masks.

Hygienic masks

They offer protection for 4 hours avoiding the spread of the particles that come out of our mouth. They are those that are usually used for other activities such as painting with varnishes or cleaning with mildly aggressive products. There are washable and single-use ones.

Surgical masks

They are single-use masks that offer a more efficient level of protection than homemade and hygienic ones. They are the most recommended by health authorities to avoid transmission.

Use of FFP masks

The WHO insists that this type of mask should be reserved exclusively for health personnel and those most exposed to the risk of contagion. They are available with or without a valve, provideprotection in both directions and have a durability of approximately 8 hours. Once used, they are neither washed nor recycled.

The product:

          There are many types of medications that are available in the market and the doctors recommend a particular type of medication to a person. This is done based on what suits the physical make up of the person. Many find that herbal medications suit them better then chemical based treatments or medications. Here is where the hemp based medications come in and they are used for the treatment of mental well being and also as a cure for pain. This suits many people and they find it effective for their ailments. You can Buy CBD Edibles online and from their source and they come in different formats or variants. They come in several formats such as gummies in various flavors and tastes, in chocolate format and a format that suits the pets as well.


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This is important!

  • The product is available as a sweet so that you can use it as though you are eating a gummy sweet and not a medication.
  • This does not cause any serious side effects such as the others that are available in the market.
  • They come in the form of protein bars which are easy to carry as it is dry and can be taken as you like them.
  • You can buy them in the formof dried fruit where you can use it as a healthier version instead of going for the sweets in which sugar is added. This will be a better option if you have to count your calories strictly.
  • You can Buy CBD Edibles also in the sugar free gummies format which is good for those with sugar complaints like diabetes or those who want to control weight.

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