Bitcoins have taken the financial world by storm. Of course, money as we know it, still rules in common everyday transactions. Even notorious criminals still count their loot in ordinary money that owes its value to a Central Bank of a Nation. But acutely intelligent financiers know that the Bitcoin and its sister crypto currencies are here to stay, and ultimately it is our traditional money that may be shown the door. To acquire Bitcoins has therefore become a sacred objective of moneymakers, particularly since the value of Bitcoins have been jumping unbelievable since its introduction on 9th January, 2009, by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, a faceless man who advices the virtual world and whom nobody has personally met.

Acquiring Some Bitcoins

Bitcoins are sold by Peer to Peer Sellers, using a virtual exchange with a Peer to Peer Directory. Unlike normal currencies, for which an unlimited supply is ordered and maintained by the Central Banks which regulate it and control its value, Bitcoins are limited. The cap on the total supply of Bitcoins is fixed at 21 million. Small amounts of Bitcoins are released by the algorithm at regular intervals, and this will be continued until the cap of 21 Million is reached. Since Bitcoins are actually computer folders controlled by codes that can be purchased at mutually agreed prices by peer to peer coded online transactions only, the price experiences volatile movements at all times. How to buy Bitcoin is therefore answered shortly….by following steps to become a member of the Bitcoin club.

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