How to get your essays right

writing essays is scary for students. They find it hard, overwhelming and often in the process end up losing marks they can easily obtain. Writing essays is more about technique. If you can master the right kind of writing techniques, you can write great essays. This is how cheap writing services at write their essays and sport great reviews.

Tips on writing essays

1- Choose a topic not a title

You may be given a topic or you may have to choose one. If you have to choose, make sure you choose something that you want to write about. Leave the title for the end. Titles are best written after your essay is complete to be more meaningful.

2- Outline your essay

It is much easier to write an essay when you have a rough outline of what you are going to write.  Start by jotting down the points in your head. Then arrange these points in order. After that structure the points into paragraphs with similar ideas going into one para. You can also draw a diagram is that is more appealing to you.

3- Main/thesis statement

This is the main theme or argument of your essay. The focus of your entire essay is going to be on this point. So focus on developing this point into a creative and relevant one. The remaining part of your essay has to be related to this statement.

4- Write your essay

A good essay is structured into five paragraphs. First is an introduction, the next three are the body and the final is the conclusion. Introduce your idea or thesis statement in the first paragraph. In the remaining paragraphs discuss your ideas relating to the thesis statement and in the conclusion, use no new ideas.

5- How to write a single paragraph

Start with a main and catchy idea in the first sentence that hooks the reader. Subsequent lines will support or argue with this idea and detail it. Write all the points related to that idea in the same paragraph. Once moving to the next paragraph, introduce another idea or argument.

6- The Finishing touch

After you have finished your essay go for a revision. Check the details whether your essay makes sense and follows a pattern. Keep your strongest points first. Revise the essay in the light of the given question. Check for spelling and grammatical errors.

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