A Guide to Applying Golden Ratio In Graphic Design

The concept of Golden Ratio is something that every designer has to know about. By applying golden ratio in graphic design you can create a natural flow which is visually pleasing.

The golden ratio is a mathematical ratio that is found in nature and can be used to create beautiful designs. It is also known as the Golden Mean, Golden Section or even the Golden Phi, but illustrators, artists, and graphic designers prefer to call it the Golden ratio.

The Golden Ratio is closely related to the Fibonacci sequence. It is the concept that describes the relationship between two perfectly symmetrical squares. Golden Ratio has been used by the human civilization for at least more than 2000 years. By the Ancient Greeks to the Ancient Egyptians and Romans, all these prominent civilizations have use of the Golden Ratio or similar methodology for all their great architectural masterpieces.

Now when it comes to modern graphic design, every web page has a certain flow or rhythm, simply put it the way the eye of the viewer will move while having a glance your content or designs. The perfect web page should a balance of harmony and also be functional. But, to establish a natural flow is not an easy job. Sometimes even if you get the color and the navigation aspects right the aesthetic of your website will still seem a little off. By using the Golden Ratio methodology and the natural order, viewers will begin to find your graphic designs and content more pleasing.

When you adjust your designs even minutely to the Golden Ratio it makes a huge difference to the larger picture and also to the mindset of the viewers watching. So, how can you use the Golden Ratio to your advantage? When you read about the concept on paper you may feel like it is a box that is stifling your creativity but that is not so… in fact, the Golden Ratio acts as a guideline which you can follow to create symmetrical and attractive designs.

Conclusion:golden ratio graphic design

The Golden Ratio has its own legacy much like the Da Vinci Code. Whether or not you believe the theology of the origins the fact is that every design has a methodical element behind it, the proportions and grid-like structures help with the parts of the image in the end. In the end, it is your decision whether you want to create your design by eye or by using the golden ratio graphic design.

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