GalantamineHbr cures moderate to moderate Alzheimer’s symptoms or symptoms of vascular dementia. Galantamine benefits is produced from natural resources and patented in the complete synthesis process. It is an anti-Alzheimer’s agent that falls under the class of cholinesterase inhibitors. It is also an allosteric ligand in the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. It works by reducing the effect of AChE and, therefore, tends to increase the concentration of acetylcholine in the brain. This process helps cure the symptoms of mild or moderate dementia in Alzheimer’s patients.

Symptoms of dementia include memory loss, loss of planning and abstraction, poor language and comprehension, lack of judgment, disorientation, reduced attention and increased anxiety, behavioral changes and psychosis. Dementia is caused by gradual cell death in the brain. This is sometimes accompanied by emotional disturbances and personality changes. The loss of mental capacity interferes with normal daily activities that last more than six months. However, it is absent from birth and is not associated with loss or change of consciousness.

Alzheimer’s disease or AD is the most common cause of dementia, followed by vascular dementia.

AD is incurable and often fatal. However, there are several medications that can slow your progression. The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease represent between half and three quarters of all cases of dementia. It is estimated that vascular dementia causes between 5 and 30% of all dementias. It usually progresses with a stroke, infection and heart disease, which can lead to death. This is due to a decrease in blood flow to the brain, most often due to a series of small strokes called multi-infarct dementia. Due to the generally unexpected nature of its cause, the symptoms of vascular dementia usually start more dramatically than the symptoms of Alzheimer’s dementia. Your symptoms may progress progressively with the appearance of new strokes.

loss of mental capacity

Caring for someone with dementia can be difficult and complicated. In progressive dementias such as galantamine supplement, a person can become completely addicted. Family members or others who care for a person with dementia are often exposed to extreme stress. Because dementia usually progresses slowly, its diagnosis can be difficult in the early stages. But early diagnosis is important because the treatment can cure the early stages.

The diagnosis includes a complete examination and a complete medical history.

Several medical exams may require determining the cause of the dementia. The FDA has approved five prescription drugs to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Four of these are used to treat mild to moderate blood pressure. These are galantamine (Razadyne, formerly known as Reminyl), rivastigmine (Exelon), donepezil (Aricept) and takrin (Cognex).

Galantamines are commercially available under the trademarks Razadyne and Reminyl in the form of tablets, capsules and oral solution. The galantaminehydrobromide called Reminyl was approved in February 2001 for use in mild or moderate dementia of the Alzheimer’s type. And under the name of Razadyne, it was approved on August 28, 2008.