Will Detox Pills Be Effective For A Drug Test?

People have been worried about passing an upcoming drug test due to the recent legalization of marijuana. There are several detox pills on the market, but not all will work, and it’s always best to be careful when you decide to take these supplements to do any damage.

Many variables can affect your health and lead to increased blood THC levels, including the type and amount taken; age; other drugs including alcohol, cocaine, heroin; gender; genetic predisposition; medical conditions or disease. People who use marijuana often have high levels of THC in their blood at all times. People with high levels of THC may have a higher likelihood of being caught by a drug test.

Get Rid Of The THC In Your Blood?

The body metabolizes marijuana and THC at a rate of around one nanogram per milliliter (ng/mL) every hour to two hours. This natural process is why you can’t just stop using marijuana and pass a drug test right away.

Will A Marijuana Detox Pills Work?

Most of the best detox pills for thc are designed to provide temporary protection against marijuana’s effects, but they can’t erase it from your system. Some of these pills contain chemicals that are known to increase urination and thoroughly flush out THC from one’s body. This approach is what many think detox pills offer, but it isn’t true. Doing so could harm than good since water dilutes THC, leading to false-positive test results and missed detection times for a urine drug screening test.

How To Naturally Detoxify The Body Of THC

The only way to truly detoxify your body of THC is through a good diet and exercise. There is no magic pill that you can take to make sure you pass a drug test. Start exercising several days before the test so that you’re well-hydrated, helping your kidneys flush out more toxins from all of the most concentrated cells in your body that are more likely to store a lot of THC in their fat cells. Drink plenty of water right after exercising as well. This will help ensure enough urine volume for THC to exit your system fast enough for it not to be detected on the test date.

Combining detox pills with natural remedies like exercising may be the most effective way to detox your body in time for a drug test and ensure that you pass with flying colors.

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