Know More About Different Types Of Carpets As An Accessory

Carpets are an indispensable part of decors today. Found in a variety of fabrics like wool, cotton and even synthetic fibres, they come in various sizes and shapes. Carpets were first used for absorbing the chill during winter months providing warmth and cosiness, providing seating space especially for children and reducing the sound from people walking. Today they are largely used as décor items in addition to the other benefits. First found in Armenia and Iran, carpets were used in the middle eastern countries, these were hand woven with a variety of embroidered patterns and held a look of austerity fit for nobles. Owing to their now ubiquitous presence in our lives, carpet maintenance is a huge industry.

Carpets and their Maintenance

Carpets require constant cleaning due to the dirt and dust getting trapped in the fibres and catching falling food crumbs. This includes a process of vacuuming, dusting, deodorising and removing any stains. Fixing a carpet includes a process of figuring out where its placement would be, post which carpets must be adhered to the floor either in the form of stick-on carpets or carpet adhesive. This prevents slippage, reduces chances of injury from bumps that can form and provides greater insulation.

Ardex carpet adhesive serves as one of the best adhesives for all sorts of flooring solutions. Robust and resilient, it creates a quick bond with the surface and floor securing the carpet. Ardex has a wide presence with over 7 decades of experience in the building and construction industry. Choosing Ardex implies great quality products at inexpensive prices. Their carpet adhesives are user-friendly, dry quickly, free of Volatile Organic Compounds and are eco-friendly. They also have a variety of products for the users to choose from depending on the need meeting industry standards.

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