Karaoke at home How to do it and have fun with friends

Singing is a passion that many have. Going on stage, grabbing a microphone and feeling like a rock star, what’s better? Why not do it at home, alone or to have fun with friends? And karaoke , that “game” that the people are crazy about who lock themselves in special rooms to sing and stay there for hours best karaoke player for home use.

Making karaoke at home is simple and gives you tons of hours of fun. We can buy ready-made systems or, if we want to save money, use our pc or tablet.

What we basically need is a:


amplifier or hi-fi system with speakers

a computer or a television , tablet or mobile phone


All this stuff is easy to find and in a little while we will explain how to do it. Let’s go back for a moment to the passion of karaoke that infected us Italians just over 20 years ago.

Complete Karaoke Systems

This system here is complete and all you have to do is connect it to the audio output of a PC. 75 WATT per channel, amplifier, speakers and two wireless microphones for fun even in crowded rooms.

if you don’t have time to set up a pc and you want something powerful to do karaoke not only at home, but also outdoors in a party with friends.

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