Cleaning and sanitizing a couch

If you are a fan of recycling, reusing, and remodeling second-hand furniture such as a couch, you will have to sanitize and clean it before you bring it inside your house. Otherwise, you would bring in unwanted germs, pests, and unwelcoming odor into your home.

Moreover, if you have pets and children at home, you know how soon a brand new couch can turn into a dirt-filled couch. If you are looking forward to cleaning your couch in the best possible way for young ones- use a natural fabric couch cleaner.

How to clean and sanitize a used couch?

And the most important thing to do before you start your cleaning process is to read the label on the couch first to be sure of the cleaning requirements. It is important to know how to clean the material of which your couch is made up of. Knowing this information will make your work look more efficient and you will be able to work more effectively.

A couch is made up of different materials such as faux, upholstered, and fabric.

Cleaning of faux leather material:

Faux leather is also known as imitation or false leather. It is less costly than real leather but serves the customer with the same quality and texture. Items that you will require are- clean cloth, paper towel, detergent, a container, and warm water.

Cleaning of an upholstered couch:

It can be cleaned in two ways-

Solvent safe cleaning method: items that will be required are- a hand vacuum, appropriate upholstery cleaning solvent, a sturdy brush, damp cloth, and a clean towel.

Water safe cleaning method: items required are- hand vacuum with a soft brush attachment, mild detergent, a bucket of warm water, a clean cloth, a soft brush, and a clean towel.

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