harmful effects of 5g

5G and its effects on the environment


In terms of mobile connection, 5G is the fifth generation. LTE, also known as 4G connection, was introduced a little more than three years ago, causing a commotion in the smartphone industry and significantly increasing data transfer speeds. As a result, this idea is no longer new to us. In contrast to the wide variety of possibilities carried under its belt by this current generation of wireless connection, which is being constructed on top of the foundations of the previous generation, it seems that what we experienced at the time is negligible. Five-generation radiofrequency (RF) radiation, referred to as 5G, is going to be deployed worldwide without any consideration of the dangers to human health or the environment. Many studies are conducted regarding the harmful effects of 5g, and the research is ongoing.

The adverse and harmful effects of 5g

Our existence in a completely wireless environment will only begin when all of our electronic devices and gizmos are wireless as well. IoT(Internet of Things) and iiot(Industrial Internet of Things) are the following levels of development, which include the use of intelligent sensors and actuators to improve manufacturing and industrial processes. Everything more innovative is being introduced at a breakneck rate as part of the Industrial Internet, also known as Industry 4.0, in response to the need for more speed and capacity.

It is expected that 5G connection speeds would be more than 10 Gbps, i.e., between 100 and 1000 times quicker, making it feasible to download an HD movie in less than 10 seconds. Increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increased harmful free radicals, genetic damage, structural and functional changes in the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being are all consequences of exposure to radiation in humans.

It is not just the skin and eyes that will be affected by the emerging 5G mobile networking technology, as is widely thought. Still, the technology will also have negative impacts on the whole system.


Human skin and the surface layers of the cornea absorb the vast majority of millimeter waves within a few millimeters of their surface. When the peripheral nervous system, immunological system, and cardiovascular system are all exposed for a short period, it may have adverse physiological consequences. According to the findings, long-term exposure may cause health problems in the skin, the eyes, and the testicles. The 5th generation mobile network, often known as 5G, is a new worldwide wireless technology developed from its predecessor, 4G, to become more reliable.

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