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Melanotan usage today has increased quickly with huge media coverage as well as explosion of the supply from Far East. Both Melanotan & Melanotan II are the peptides that when injected in a correct dosage will result in skin tanning, even without the sun exposure. Beauty market is huge, and with government health warnings over sunbathing associated to skin cancer, Melanotan might seem as the wonder product. Unluckily for the users, Melanotan isn’t the licensed product as well as is related to the possible health risk. There are many providers in the market selling best quality of Melanotan, but it is very important that you choose the best one among them, one such provider you can trust is Lovemelanotan.

Benefits For All

People who illicitly make use of Melanotan supplement for the aesthetic purposes notice the slow tan appearing within some days. Most can use this drug alongside by using sun beds, combination which can heighten skin tanning. Melanotan will suppress your appetite, and peptide is the popular choice among the bodybuilders who want to get the natural looking tan before their competition, with appetite suppression a big help to their dieting.

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Some positive side effects that users notice are skin tanning, and improved libido. There are many notable negative effects that are reported by the users when administrating peptide that include; headaches, nausea, flushing of skin, dizziness and irritation. The common appears to be nausea that often will be experienced after first some injections of Melanotan. Long health implication for Melanotan usage isn’t yet known completely. There are many agencies opposing on sale of the Melanotan, as well as are recommending public not to buy any products.


Melanotan injections are accessible at the specialty stores. Lots of stores online provide such chemicals or other peptide agents, which are very useful for skin tanning. Among many options out there, Love Melanotan is a leading provider of the Melanotan tanning injections & nasal sprays on internet. They are known to be the best selling products from many years. Melanotan injections are proven as the best tanning agents that the people across the world use for tanning their skin.

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