vanilla gift balance

Can you use gift cards for online purchases?

Vanilla gift cards are same as master cards credit card and so aside from buying gift, these cards can be used to purchase other things from both online as well as offline shops. Usually, these cards are being used to buy gifts but know that apart from purchasing gifts, they are now used for making other purchases too. Just like other credit and debit cards, while making a payment, this card has to be swiped across a machine and your payment is made.

For online shopping, the websites used to ask your zip code and to know the code, your card has to be register on a website. You can do this making use of the website link which is printed at the back of this gift card. It is like prepaid card, and so you will already know the balance that is in the card, so that you can make your purchase based on the vanilla visa balance. Also you can check this balance by logging into the Vanilla Visa website.

vanilla gift balance

When the balance is low in the cards, you are even allowed to reload its balance and so you will be able to make purchase whenever you want without any denial of the payment. Since it is safe and secure way to make a payment, many people these days are making use of this type of card. Also there is no expiration date that comes with this card, so you can keep the money that you have deposited in the card for  several years.

Since it is same as master cards, you need to follow the same procedure as you would do for shopping on the internet. As said before, it is required for you to register the card so that you can stay away from the issues that come with the card while making a payment. Also you need to know the balance before the payment, else your order will not be processed.

When you keep in mind a few things like knowing balance and registering the card in website, you can make the payment easily on the web.

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