samsung note series specs in Singapore

About Samsung note series mobile phone specifications

If you are going to buy the Samsung mobile phone, then it will gives you more realistic features, unique style and you can feel the Samsung note series mobile phones like a PC. The Samsung note series mobile phones are of two namely Galaxy S or Galaxy A series in which the Galaxy S series is considered as the high-end mobile phone and the Galaxy A series is much more affordable in the price range for users in Singapore. The samsung note series specs in Singapore are listed below.

  • The mobile phone waterproof and glass proof design
  • Strong software
  • Strong battery life
  • High-end Bluetooth technology
  • S pen support
  • High-end camera quality
  • The heavy capacity of memory storage

Buying Samsung mobile phones in Singapore

When it comes to Android smartphones then Samsung is well known for manufacturing the best selling smartphone in the mobile industry. The Samsung note series phones come with top-quality, solid features, excellent design, and waterproof technology. The Samsung note series phones have heavy storage RAM and ROM capacity and high-end stellar camera quality features where it captures the excellent pictures even in the night time. The battery life of the mobile phone lasts for several days and it supports a wireless fast charging facility. The most exciting feature of the Samsung note series phone comes with the S pen where this is the first mobile to come with the S pen feature. Another surprising feature is that the mobile works even after submerged in water for 3 hours in which it has excellent waterproof technology.

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