Hunting: tips for safe trekking

The Role of Hunters and Predators

The traditional figure of society, the character of the hunter (and to a lesser extent that of the fisherman) calls and generally arouses clear opinions within the public opinion. If some people refuse him any control over the wild animal, others recognize him a role in the good ecological management of biodiversity.

Hunters contribute, for example, to regulate the balance of animal populations. A regulation which, 먹튀검증  without them, would be the responsibility of the public authorities. For years of systematic slaughter of large predators and the fragmentation of their territories by man have allowed the populations of herbivores to proliferate without restraint. In some countries, there would be more than one million wild boars that, despite the catches of hunters, damage the areas of cultivation and forest regeneration, and are involved in many road accidents. Damage that is also related to the human density and the spread of the road network.

Scientific work legitimizes the role of hunting

Hunting: tips for safe trekking

Covering ecosystems as varied as the coastline, mountains, open plains or forest, these studies reveal several important facts: not only can hunting contribute to the good conservation status of the species hunted, but it can also have a encouraging impact on non-hunted class, as well as on various components of  먹튀검증  biodiversity.

Conducted in Asia as well as in Germany, these scientific studies allow concluding the positive role of hunting as an actor in the preservation of biodiversity. They also coincide with the advent of a new concept: “conservation through the sustainable use of resources”. Does this scientific work also raise the question of the desirability of the moratorium conservation of certain species (for example suspension of the hunting of certain waders), as well as the monopolies of representation and financing guaranteed to certain environmental organizations in the establishment of green and blue frames, communal atlas of biodiversity? etc?

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