The Places That You Should Visit during Your Trip to Halkidiki

Even though economy of Greece is shaky over the last few years, tourism is one such industry where the country has done significant well. The tourism industry is expanding and as a result people from different parts of the world are coming to this country to spend memorable holidays with partners or family members. Northern portion of this country magnetizes tourists with its untamed as well as fascinating beaches. If you want to explore such places in Greece, Halkidiki should be your point of destination. This place is getting popular at rapid speed as an ideal place for tourism. Book an apartment in Chalkidiki and spend some memorable days of fun, leisure and amusement of exploring splendid scenic beauty. You should not forget to pay visit to the following the places if you are at Halkidiki.

Aristotle Park

Situated at the northwest region of Halkidiki, Aristotle Park is closely located to the Stagira village. This historic park was developed in the year of 1956 and it consists of famous statue of Aristotle. Situated 500 meters above the sea level, this park gives excellent panoramic view of the village Stagira which is also known as the birth place of Aristotle.

Mount Cholomontas

If you want to explore untamed natural beauty of Halkidiki, Mount Cholomontas is definitely the best place for you. Here, you can enjoy mountaineering activities, like trekking, rock climbing, exploring rich wildlife, etc. However, the mountain is not too in terms of altitude. With only around 1.16 meters altitude, this mountain is covered with the Pine, Chestnut and Oak trees.

Petralona Cave

Many places are there around Halkidiki and it takes more than a week to explore all these places at this tourist destination of Greece. Thus, instead of hotels, you should look for apartment in Chalkidiki. Petralona Cave is located at a distance of 1 KM from Petralona Village. This cave looks like a natural one and it has been discovered in the year of 1959 by the local villagers. Accordingly to historians, the cave used to be residing place of prehistoric human beings. Apart from skull of human being, fossils of elephant, panther and other animals have been found inside this cave.

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